Memorandum #33: Certain Commonly Used TRA Garden Series & Estate Released Clones


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After publication of Monographs on TV and Darjeeling clones, it was felt necessary to publish the monograph of the most commonly used estate released and TRA garden series clones. All these clones were developed through selection from old seed jat varieties grown in commercial estates of different regions. Therefore, most of the clones are named after the gardens where from these were selected and released. A few garden clones are popular and grown in estates of North East India. Although TRA has released 153 clones through garden selection, hardly any clone became popular in the industry. These clones are likely to perform well in the areas of their origin as they are acclimatized to the agro-climatic conditions of those particular regions. It is, therefore, advisable to try these clones in the areas of
their origin.